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The Docker Compose file in this repo will create a full IAM deployment, as described in the IAM documentation. Along with those components, both the frontend and backend will be deployed with hot-reload development servers. The UI will be accessible on http://localhost:3000 (the API is exposed separately on port 4242). Be sure to copy public/config.js to config.frontend.js and make any desired changes.


Before starting the server, you should get some Stripe test keys in order to test Stripe transaction functionality. The secret key should be written to .env in the root of the repo as STRIPE_PRIVATE_KEY. The public key should be used as the value for STRIPE_PUBLIC_KEY in config.frontend.js.

You should also set up a webhook in the Stripe dashboard for the /webhook backend endpoint.

The backend is located under the payments_server/ subdirectory and has its own production Dockerfile which is Node.js-based to run the payment API server. The root Dockerfile only "builds" the final JavaScript before resulting in a final image based on nginx which serves the static files. serves as a hot-reload Node.js base image for both the frontend and backend.

This repo makes use of the build.yaml, release.yaml, charts.yaml and docs.yaml GitHub Actions workflows as described in the IAM documentation. Note that build.yaml and release.yaml are building two separate Docker images in this case: one for the frontend and one for the backend.


  • New releases should be made in the same manner as for IAM (the release.yaml workflow)
  • When upgrading Node.js, keep in mind that the Dockerfile, and payments_server/Dockerfile all need to be update individually

Last update: 2021-08-24