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netsoc webspace exec

netsoc webspace exec

Execute command in webspace


Execute a command inside a webspace. By default runs interactively (with a PTY). Signals will be forwarded (SIGINT, SIGTERM etc.).

If this command does not run in a TTY, the remote command will run non-interactively and the output will be YAML containing the captured stdout, stderr and exit code. (Use --output to use a different format)

--uid, --gid, --env and --cwd only apply when running interactively.

netsoc webspace exec -- command [arg...] [flags]


      --cwd string                                            webspace command working directory
  -e, --env stringArray                                       environment variables to pass to command
      --gid int32                                             webspace Linux group ID to run as
  -h, --help                                                  help for exec
  -o, --output interactive|yaml|json|template=<Go template>   output format interactive|yaml|json|template=<Go template> (default "interactive")
      --uid int32                                             webspace Linux user ID to run as
  -u, --user string                                           (admin only) user to perform action as (default "self")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   config file (default "/home/runner/.netsoc.yaml")
      --debug           print debug messages


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