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This documentation site is based on Material for MkDocs. Similar to the main site, any changes pushed to master are automatically deployed to the live site at Most of the content actually comes from other individual repos under a docs/ subdirectory. Whenever changes are made to these repos' docs, they are pushed into the central docs repo.


The Docker Compose file sets up a hot-reload development server. The site can be viewed at http://localhost:8000. The docs repo uses the build.yaml and charts.yaml GitHub Actions workflows as described in the IAM documentation.


To simulate the latest copies of documentation being pushed in the development environment, every individual repo is mounted separately into the container. This means that you must have all of the following repos cloned into the same directory as the docs repo:


  • When upgrading the Python version used to build the site, be sure to update both Dockerfile and

Last update: 2021-08-24