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GitOps is "a way of implementing Continuous Deployment for cloud native applications". Instead of manually applying Kubernetes manifests or running helm (install|upgrade), the state of the cluster (its manifests) is stored in a Git repository. An agent running inside the cluster ensures (or at least attempts to) that the state of the objects inside the Kubernetes cluster match those stored in Git.

Netsoc's GitOps live repository is located at and makes use of the Flux family of GitOps components. The Flux documentation is the best way to learn about the GitOps toolkit and how it works, but this diagram displays the key components (including a number of Kubernetes Custom Resources that Flux uses):

Flux overview
Overview of key Flux components
  • Source resources (such as GitRepository) manage the retrieval of Kubernetes manifests, making them available as archives within the cluster
  • Kustomization resources define the configuration of a Kustomization that should be applied to the cluster (which Source it should be read from, subdirectory, any methods for decrypting secrets etc.). Kustomize is used to provide flexibility in generating manifests, but without understanding how it works, essentially it's just a tree of Kubernetes YAMLs. The Kustomize Controller will retrieve sources from the Source controller and attempt to "reconcile" the cluster according to the Kustomization.
  • HelmRelease resources essentially translate the parameters to a helm install or helm upgrade command into a CRD, except installation and upgrades happen automatically based on the state of the resource.


This repository is divided into a number of subdirectories based around 4 separate Kustomizations:

  • flux: Contains core Flux-related resources, such as the Flux CRDs and actual Deployments, etc. flux/flux-system is generated by the flux bootstrap command and is the only place where manifests are ever required to be manually applied to the cluster.

    The root Kustomization (flux-system) is defined here at flux/flux-system/gotk-sync.yaml. The other Kustomizations are defined in this directory too, along with any Helm repositories and image update automations.

  • crds: This Kustomization contains only CRDs to be installed into the cluster. Specific CRDs are separated into their own Kustomization so that reconciliation of other Kustomizations (which will have an enforced dependency on crds) will succeed, since they contain CRD-based manifests.

  • infrastructure: Key deployments (such as Ingress provider and authoritative DNS)

  • apps: All other applications

Last update: 2021-08-02