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GitHub Actions

A number of GitHub Actions workflows have been set up on the repo to add further automation.

Flux upgrade automation

By running flux install with the same components as the flux bootstrap command and piping the output into flux/flux-system/gotk-components.yaml, it's easy to upgrade Flux. The workflow at .github/workflows/flux.yaml does this periodically and opens a pull request if any changes were detected (i.e. something was updated).

HelmRelease registryUrl generation

In order for Renovate to be able to detect the Helm repository a HelmRelease references, a comment is required (which will later be matched against with a regex by Renovate). k8s-at-home created an Action which automates this process. This workflow runs on a schedule.


While not technically a GitHub Action (it runs independently as a GitHub App), Renovate is a tool which automatically scans a repo and opens pull requests to update dependencies. It has been configured for the GitOps repo primarily to update HelmReleases. The configuration is a at .github/renovate.json5.

To view logs of Renovate runs, visit the dashboard.


  1. Install the Renovate GitHub app
  2. Make sure any HelmReleases use the following format for the .spec.chart.spec:

    kind: HelmRelease
      name: traefik
      interval: 5m
          chart: traefik
          version: 9.19.0
            kind: HelmRepository
            name: traefik
            namespace: flux-system

(The important part is that chart and version are together at the top of the YAML object so that Renovate and the registryUrl comment generator Action will detect the values correctly.

Last update: 2021-08-28