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dex is effectively a "proxy" exposing an OpenID Connect interface to a number of potential identity stores (via "connectors"). In order to provide support for Netsoc IAM-based stores, a small patch exists to add an iamd connector. The patched dex is at dex is accessible at

Netsoc patches

iamd connector

The first commit on the netsoc branch adds the iamd connector (all changes should be squashed into this commit). When a new release of dex is made upstream, the 2 commits on the netsoc branch should be rebased atop the release. Below is a list of config options for the connector:

# Admin token to get user info from IAM API
token: A.B.C
# Placeholder for dex login field
prompt: Netsoc username

Build workflow


The VERSION environment variable needs to be manually updated in .github/workflows/docker.yaml when upgrading to a newer upstream release.

The second commit replaces the upstream docker.yaml GitHub Actions workflow with one that pushes the built image to with a tag of the form <upstream_version>-<git_shortref>-netsoc, e.g. 2.30.0-98ce910c-netsoc.

Adding clients

In order to add new clients, add a new entry to the staticClients section of the config (as a secret). For example:

  - id: gitea
    name: Gitea
      # Specified by the application
    secret: hunter22

Last update: 2021-08-25