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Gitea is a lightweight hosted Git service. It's set up on and supports SSO with Netsoc via dex. gitea_admin is the only user with admin access. The password for this account is stored in the password manager.

Note that in order to co-locate HTTP(S) and SSH for Git cloning on, a separate IP address ( is used, with a sharing key of git. In order to get HTTP(S) via Traefik on this IP, a separate LoadBalancer service exists at infrastructure/kube-system/traefik/git-http.yaml.

iamd SSO

In order to set up iamd-based SSO, a Gitea OAuth2 "Authentication Source" should be configured in the "Site Administration" section of Gitea. A corresponding staticClient should be added to the dex config.

Gitea iamd SSO

Last update: 2021-08-26