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Matrix is a an open standard for decentralised communication. A number of components are set up for Netsoc's deployment:

  • ma1sd: A federated Matrix Identity server for Netsoc IAM-based authentication and directory
  • Synapse: The reference Matrix homeserver implementation
  • Element Web: The mainstream React.js-based web client for Matrix

Element is accessible at and users can sign in with their Netsoc account. Other clients (e.g. Element on Android or iOS) should configure as their homeserver when signing in. For federation and logins to work with just "" as the server's domain, SRV records are set up for and to point to


ma1sd is configured with a REST Identity store that points to iamd's implementation of the required endpoints. A Netsoc-maintained Helm chart was created to deploy ma1sd in Kubernetes.


Synapse is deployed with Ananace's excellent Helm chart and is exposed at (with some endpoints also on for compatibility).

ma1sd integration

In order to integrate ma1sd with Synapse, a number of pieces need to be in place. First, Synapse needs to be configured with the REST password provider, which is a sort of plugin that ensures Synapse calls ma1sd to validate passwords. The author of ma1sd links to a repo for this, but unfortunately it's broken on Synapse v1.19.0+, so dev forked it. A PR is open to merge the fix, but ma1uta has not responded to it.

To set up the password provider, it needs to be installed inside Synapse containers. Some extraCommands are used to achieve this by downloading and installing the plugin before the main Synapse process is started. A small block of Synapse configuration is then used to point the REST provider at ma1sd.

For ma1sd to correctly handle authentication and directory requests, it needs to intercept a number of Matrix API endpoints. These are described in ma1sd's documentation for each feature. These are configured under paths and csPaths. The difference between paths andcsPaths is that csPaths (client-server APIs) are only exposed on, whereas paths are also accessible at


In order to improve performance, a number of Synapse workers are deployed (generic, notification pusher, federation sender and media repository). Synapse's worker system is a bit messy, but is best described here in the Synapse documentation.

To properly route API requests to workers, individual paths are added to a csPaths array for each worker. Ananace's chart specifies a default set based on each worker's capabilities, but in order for ma1sd's login interception to work, the explicit /_matrix/client/*/login must be removed from the list. This is the reason for explicitly setting csPaths in the deployment.

Signing key

The signing key is stored in a secret. To generate a new one: docker run --rm --entrypoint 'sh' matrixdotorg/synapse -c

Element Web

Element is accessible at the same as Matrix itself. In order to add some custom branding to the homepage for Element, a custom welcome.html is mounted into the web container via a ConfigMap.

Last update: 2021-08-27