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Zammad is an open-source support / ticketing system. It's accessible at Users can email and Zammad will automatically create tickets for them. There's also an embeddable live chat widget, this is set up for the website (see website-ng/_layouts/splash.html).

Adding new admin users

All new users should sign up through the registration form at If they have emailed before, an account will already exist. In this case they should use the password reset form to set an initial password. The dashboard can be used to make a user an "Agent" (can respond to tickets) and/or an "Admin" (can manage the Zammad installation).

If the admin dashboard is inaccessible, the Zammad Rails console can be used to set a user's roles:

  1. Get a rails console via the Zammad container:

    kubectl -n extra exec -ti zammad-0 -c zammad-railsserver -- bundle exec rails c
  2. Use the following snippet to set their roles:

    u = User.find_by(email: '')
    u.roles = Role.where(name: ['Agent', 'Admin'])!

Setting email configuration

It's easiest to change the email configuration (sending notifications, sending / receiving ticket updates) from the dashboard. Head to Settings > Channels > Email. The screen should look something like this:

Zammad email config

Refer to the following screenshots for how inbound, outbound and notifications should be set up:

Zammad outbound email config Zammad inbound email config Zammad notifications email config

Last update: 2021-08-26