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Mozilla SOPS allows for the encryption of secret values in YAML and other files. When YAML or JSON is being encrypted, specific keys can be encrypted.

PGP key generation

Make sure not to use a passphrase.

gpg --generate-key

Be sure to update the public key fingerprint in .sops.yaml at the root of the repo.

Create a secret and encrypt it

In order to decrypt data within a Kustomization, it must first be configured for SOPS decryption.

Using Kustomize

When a Kustomization is configured for decryption, even regular files referenced in kustomization.yaml files (e.g. for secretGenerator) will be decrypted automatically when Flux attempts reconciliation.

sops -e --in-place my-secret.txt

Directly as a Kubernetes object

kubectl -n my-namespace create secret generic my-secret --from-literal=password=hunter2 --dry-run=client -o yaml | \
    sops -e --encrypted-regex '^data$' --input-type yaml --output-type yaml /dev/stdin > \

Last update: 2021-08-02