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Netsoc uses three subnets (provisionally):

  • (Netsoc private LAN)
  • (Netsoc private VPN)
  • (TCD main allocation, Netsoc is permitted only to use
  • (Maths server room management network)

... more details to come on public networking situation

IP address allocation

  • Maths room boot server
  • nintendo (maths room switch)

  • Maths room boot server

  • napalm
  • spoon
  • cube
  • gandalf
  • napalm-idrac
  • cube-idrac
  • gandalf-ilo


LAN IP addresses are handed out over DHCP (IP addresses fixed in dnsmasq.conf)

Maths server room

All our hardware in maths' server room is connected to nintendo (our switch, see the hardware docs).


In order to isolate traffic from each subnet (particularly the TCD public network!), VLAN's are configured on nintendo.

  • VLAN 1 (management)

    This VLAN exists just to configure nintendo. It's untagged on all ports (since it's the default VLAN) and the PVID on ports 1, 2, 47 and 48 (leftmost 2 and rightmost 2 ports respectively).

  • VLAN 69 (Netsoc private LAN)

    Untagged on all ports (except for management and TCD uplink 3, 4, 5 and 6), tagged on management ports. Also the PVID for all ports except management and TCD uplink ports.

  • VLAN 420 (TCD public network)

    Untagged and PVID on ports 3, 4, 5, and 6 (for uplink to maths' switches). Tagged only on all others to avoid accidentally connecting to the public network!

Last update: 2021-03-14