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SSH gateway

SHH (as opposed to SSH) is Netsoc's SSH gateway. This grants you access to a temporary shell with the latest version of the CLI pre-installed! The CLI is pre-configured, so you won't even need to log in!


To connect to the gateway, simply SSH with your Netsoc username to

Run ssh

$ ssh
Welcome to Netsoc SHH (not a typo :P).
The latest version of the CLI is pre-installed (type netsoc).

For more information, see
dev@dev-netsoc ~>

Download PuTTY. (Latest .exe for 64-bit Windows here).

Enter as below:

PuTTY details

When prompted, enter your Netsoc username and password:


Once connected, simply use netsoc as you would on your own machine (no need to run netsoc account login, it's already set up).


The SHH shell is temporary. This means that any files in the environment will be deleted on disconnect. Please use your webspace for file storage!

Direct webspace login

If you've set up your webspace, you can log directly into it via the SSH gateway. Simply change your username in the SSH command to <username>-ws. For example, if your username was myuser, use myuser-ws to be dropped straight into a shell in your webspace.

$ ssh's password:


This is not technically a replacement for true SSH in your webspace. You won't be able to transfer files via scp or an SFTP client this way. For information on how to set up SSH in your webspace with port forwarding, see the guide.

Public key authentication

To avoid having to type in your password every time you log in to SHH, you can set up public key authentication. Generate a private key and configuring it is out of scope of this document, but once you have your public key, run the following command:

netsoc account set sshkey "my-ssh-pubkey"

Once done, you should no longer be prompted for a password when logging into SHH.

Last update: 2020-10-25