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SHH combines the library with NsJail to provide a temporary shell that Netsoc members can use to access the CLI without needing to install it on their own machines. NsJail is a very lightweight "containerisation" or process isolation tool, perfect for creating a limited environment for running the Netsoc CLI. shhd uses an SSH library in order to implement iamd-based authentication (either via password or optional SSH public key).

A Helm chart is provided for deployment (from our charts repo).


A Docker Compose file is provided that will build shhd from source. Hot-reload is not provided however; you'll need to docker-compose up --build to rebuild with changes. The SSH server will be accessible on localhost:2222 (e.g. ssh my-user@localhost -p 2222). Set configuration options in config.yaml in the repo root (see config.sample.yaml for all values).

This repo makes use of the build.yaml, release.yaml, charts.yaml and docs.yaml GitHub Actions workflows as described in the IAM documentation.


  • When upgrading Go, be sure to update both go.mod and the base image in the Dockerfile
  • Whenever the CLI is updated, the NETSOC_CLI_VERSION variable should be updated accordingly, along with CLI_VERSION in the build.yaml workflow. The sample applies for the upstream NsJail image.
  • New releases should be made in the same manner as for IAM (the release.yaml workflow)

Last update: 2021-08-25