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Custom domains

Next-gen webspaces support custom domains! This means you can access your webspace at (for example) as well as


Since the migration of webspaces is now complete, will redirect to

DNS configuration

In order to point your domain at Netsoc's servers (and therefore your webspace!), you'll need to make some DNS configuration changes. The exact process will vary from provider to provider, but the records needed will be the same. In this guide we'll use Cloudflare (which can be configured for almost any domain registrar).


Depending on your setup, it can take up to 24 hours for changes to DNS to propagate.

CNAME record

The main DNS record you'll need is a CNAME or "alias" record. This makes sure that any requests to your domain are routed to Netsoc's servers. The target for the CNAME record should be See below for an example:

Cloudflare CNAME record


If you're using Cloudflare, click the cloud icon to disable proxying, it's not needed with webspaces.


Some DNS providers might not allow you to put a CNAME record at the root of your domain. In this case, create an A record instead with the following IP address: Note that this is unfortunately due to change in the future as we upgrade servers. Other providers might allow you to create a CNAME record at the root, but won't correctly set up the DNS to point to our servers. You should also try an A record if a sucessfully created CNAME isn't working.

TXT record

In order to verify that you own a domain, we also need you to create a TXT record. This should be of the form webspace:id:123, where 123 is your user ID. You can find your user ID by running netsoc account info. Example:

Cloudflare TXT record

Adding the domain

Once you've set up the DNS records, you can use netsoc webspace domains add to add the domain (with the domain used above). If you get a message saying that verification failed, remember that DNS records can take a while to propagate.

Once the domain verifies and is added successfully, you should be able to visit your webspace on the new domain!


You might a warning that the certificate for the domain is invalid. This is most likely because our servers haven't had a chance to obtain an SSL certificate for your domain yet. Try again after a few minutes. Beware that many browsers will keep old TLS connections to open, so you might need to close and re-open the browser completely before retrying!

Last update: 2021-02-07