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File transfer


This guide requires you have either set up SSH at webspace creation time or afterwards by following the port forwarding guide.

Managing a website often means needing to transfer files to the server hosting the site. With SSH configured, you can transfer files via SCP or SFTP.

SCP (Linux / Mac / Windows)

scp is a command line tool (like cp) to transfer files over SSH. From your terminal, run it like this:

scp -P 64363 /path/to/local/file.txt

Don't forget to change the port based on your configured SSH forwarding port!

Cyberduck (Mac / Windows)

Cyberduck is a free graphical file transfer client. Once installed, click the "Open Connection" button and enter your details as before (be sure to chose the SFTP connection type):

Cyberduck connection

Once connected, you should be able to navigate around your webspace's files (by default you'll be in /root, the root user's home directory.) Click the up arrow in the top right to get to the root directory (/). You can then drag and drop files in / out of your webspace!

Cyberduck browsing

Last update: 2020-11-02