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A Docker Compose file is provided. In order for webspaced to be able to connect to LXD, you'll need to provide a client certificate and key (already trusted by LXD) in the certs/ directory. You should also run a kubectl proxy so that webspaced can talk to your Kubernetes cluster from your machine. Ensure that kubectl is configured to connect to a development cluster so that you don't interfere with production!

This repo makes use of the build.yaml, release.yaml, generate.yaml, charts.yaml and docs.yaml GitHub Actions workflows as described in the IAM documentation.


  • To make a new release, push a tag of the semver form supported by the release.yaml workflow
  • To upgrade Go, make sure to update the Dockerfile base image as well as the version in go.mod
  • When upgrading Go dependencies, keep in mind that webspaced needs to depend on Netsoc's fork of Traefik due to changes to custom resources

Last update: 2021-08-28